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A Chance To Give Me Some Feedback

Here’s a chance to give me some feedback.

I’ve been running Clarendon House Publications now for a couple of years, over which time a couple of dozen books have been published, plus a huge course and several free gifts. I’ve also been running the Inner Circle Writers’ Group - which actually began in 2008 - and that has expanded to over 2,000 members now and is growing all the time.

I’ve set up Clarendon House Publications a little differently from most other online publishers so that writers have a possible route towards being professional authors. I didn’t want to take advantage of anyone by simply using their material to produce anthologies of short stories - I wanted to give them a chance to win a paid anthology of their own, if voting members decided that their story was the best in the collection.

So far, I have received tremendously positive feedback on all of this from all over the world, and it’s been very encouraging: but I want to know what you feel I can do better.

With this in mind, I’m asking you to jot down three simple suggestions and to email me at

Obviously, I won’t necessarily be able to act on all of your ideas, but I consider it important to get your input on things that could be improved, or other opportunities which I could be offering but haven’t thought of yet.

Please keep in mind that both Clarendon House Publications and the administration of the Inner Circle Writers’ Group is all just me sitting in an armchair with a laptop on the edge of the Yorkshire moors (inside a house, just to clarify that image…) So while I welcome grand and ambitious ideas, my means are limited and there may be a sequence to go through before I can achieve some things.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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