More About the Clarendon House Master Author Programme

Some of you may remember me mentioning around the start of the year something called the Clarendon House Master Author Programme.

I didn’t give too much away at that time as the whole thing was still really in its early stages. Even now, almost half a year later, much work needs to be done, though a couple of writers are working with me on it. But I wanted to give you the broad framework of the idea, because in some ways you might already be involved.

The concept of the Master Author Programme is to move writers from wherever they are on a spectrum of writing towards a goal of being a published and successful author in their own right. So at one end of the spectrum is exactly that goal: ‘A published and successful author’ with success being defined by that individual - for some, it would be wealth; for others, a specific financial target met; for others, merely a secure confidence that they can write and sell good books.

Just below that achievement end would be the final stages of approaching it - the tweaking, adjusting, and embellishment of final works, as well as the marketing strategies and techniques needed to achieve commercial goals over a period of time.

Prior to that would be a section involving close coaching of the writer in techniques which would make him or her successful. This would involve working closely with me, bouncing manuscripts back and forth rapidly,