The First of Three Big Announcements

You may not realise it, but 2018 was a big year for writers.

Since February, Clarendon House Publications has launched twelve anthologies and about half a million words of other materials specifically designed to create a route by which writers, new and established, can build themselves a career doing what they love. You can read all about this in earlier blog posts and on the website, and I don’t especially want to rehash here what I’ve talked about before. What I wanted to say - as I have hinted at before - is that all of this was just the beginning…

Those twelve anthologies represent something like a million words published which may or may not have been published elsewhere in that same time period, if the anthologies had never been offered. They are evidence of a highly interesting discovery I made late last year, which was composed of three factors:

• the fiction marketplace is not one in which all the talented writers have already been snapped up by existing publishers (as someone who only casually looked at it might think)

• the marketplace of unpublished work is not, therefore, awash with unreadable or unpublishable second rate fiction, as one might assume - yes, there is a lot of dross out there, but there is also an ocean of high quality unpublished writing