The World of Marketing #8: Four Vital Factors in Any Marketing Campaign

What does a marketing campaign need in order to accomplish its goals?

Well, the first thing it needs is goals. These have to be defined and realistic. Many writers, setting out to market their books, have only the vaguest notion of how they would define ‘success’ in marketing. Do they want overnight stardom? Or a slowly building fanbase? Or notoriety? Or prize-winning recognition? But sitting down and working out what goals one wants to achieve brings to the fore several factors that are in play in any marketing campaign, whether they have been thought about consciously or not. More often than not, these are not consciously considered, which is why so many writers feel so desperate and confused when it comes to marketing.

Here are the four factors which need to be taken into account when putting together a marketing campaign for anything, not just books:

1. Time

This is very fundamental, but is the thing most often missed. Marketing takes time. I have written elsewhere about the similarities between marketing and farming - a farmer would not expect to wake up one morning and harvest the seeds that he planted only yesterday. It’s the same with marketing anything: things take time.

To achieve success, a marketing campaign needs to be planned out over time, with distinct sections and sub-goals. This might seem like a chore, but actually Time is one of the th