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COMING SOON: The Second Issue!

The second issue is almost ready for release!

It’s even brighter and bigger than the first! Inside, this is a glimpse of what you’ll find:

FICTION from David Bowmore, Gabriella Balcom, Peter Astle, William Masters, P. A. O’Neil, Jan McCulloch AND an amazing presentation of Part One of one of the greatest short stories ever written, THE MACHINE STOPS by E. M. Forster.

INTERVIEWS AND SNAPSHOTS with Rich Rurshell interviewing Kate McCoid, and the special first edition of a feature you won’t want to miss called DESERT ISLAND BOOKS with this month’s guest, David Bowmore.

EXPERT ADVICE from Dennis Doty on traditional publishing, Elizabeth Montague on fan fiction, Denise D’Souza telling us about her experiences in a writers’ workshop, Dr. María Jesu Estrada with tips for beginners, Gary Bonn on world-building, Mark Kodama writing about the Reptile Brain, Phil Ide on technological tools, Carmen Baca on marketing and our GRAMMAR NINJA feature with Samantha Hamilton.

ANALYSIS: Gary Bonn looks at THE PICNIC by Jan McCulloch.

ARTWORK featuring the beautiful photography of Denise O’Hagan.

THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH Part Two by William Shakespeare, adapted by Grant P. Hudson.

THE G. P. HUDSON ART STUDIO presents a portrait of C. S. Lewis.

ARTICLES including A WINDOW INTO MIDDLE-EARTH: Gandalf the Fearful Part One and A PERSONAL HISTORY OF COMICS plus much more.

CONTESTS AND GAMES, NEWS, THE GREAT CLARENDON HOUSE WRITING CHALLENGE (which many of you will want to be part of), WRITERS’ WORLD, SUBMISSIONS STATION with links to publishers who are accepting submissions right now!


plus much more!

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