The Seven Functions of the Self-Published Author

So you are, or want to be, a self-published author?

Like many, you may have gone into it with the notion that it was just a case of writing a book and doing a bit of promotion on social media. Soon, sales would roll in and you could concentrate on your next book. You wouldn’t be alone in having such a notion, nor could you be blamed — it sounds like a good plan.

But here’s what happens.

In any business, any enterprise, any operation that any human being does on the planet, there are seven distinct steps, factors, functions, or tasks which need to be overseen and done if the thing is to succeed. Sometimes these tasks are so short and focused that they occur without thought; more often, they are simply overlooked and not done, resulting in the collapse, total or partial, of whatever it is that is being attempted.

What are these seven factors?

Well, as far as writers are concerned, they appear in the above diagram:

Planning — obviously vital and must be continuous if the writer is to make his or her dreams come true.