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An Announcement About David Bowmore's The Magic of Deben Market

Today's blog takes the form of a special announcement from Clarendon House author David Bowmore, whose book The Magic of Deben Market was published last year to rave reviews. You can view the book (and select a paperback or Kindle version) here.

A fantastic opportunity has arisen, which I will let David explain:

Dear friends and members of the Inner Circle Writers’ Group.

I need your help or to be more specific, I need your votes.

My book, The Magic of Deben Market, is entered into a competition and the winner is chosen by public vote. The prize is to have a short film/promo made about the winning book that the company will then use to pitch to production companies with the intention of having a full Film or TV series made.

There are less than twenty books in the competition. I have a chance.

All YOU have to do is visit and register with them as a reader/viewer, visit the projects page and click on Project Alpha 1 to vote.

Readers/viewers are allotted five votes, which they can place all on one book or spread as they wish.

And if Deben Market does well enough to win, it can only be good for all of us for I will endeavour to tell everyone about the great store of talent in the Inner Circle and Clarendon House Publishing.

So please head over to, register as a reader/viewer and vote for The Magic of Deben Market.

If you haven’t read it, here’s what one of our members say about it.

Steve Carr ‘The magic of The Magic of Deben Market is the spellbinding way that David introduces each scene and the characters with amazing richness of language, detail and nuance. I would find it difficult to believe that David doesn't know his characters in real life, and doesn't live in Deben Market. By the end of the book I felt I had just read a non-poetic version of Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology, where every character had come to life to share with me their story, and there are a wide range of them, from the humorous to the haunting.’

So there you have it. David's book is especially suited to a cinematic treatment, and would definitely suit a TV series format. Your help would be appreciated!

Many thanks!


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