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Crack Your Marketing: A Guide to Actually Selling Your Book

IT'S FINALLY HERE! The e-book that could change your entire writing career! Published a book? Getting no sales? Disappointed as sales of your book don’t occur ‘naturally’? Puzzled as you attempt to follow conventional marketing advice but your book still fails to sell? Angry as extended (and possibly expensive) marketing campaigns of the conventional kind don’t accomplish much? Any of that sound familiar? Then this e-book is for you! Fear not: you are not alone and there is a way forward. In this full-colour, illustrated e-book, you will •’unlearn’ a great deal of what you think you know about book marketing •be reacquainted with your own work in a new way •be orientated around organic marketing and what that really means for you and your writing future •discover some surprising ‘secrets’ about human attention and thinking generally •find out how to gather your own audience of ‘warm prospects’ •recognise the key principles which will allow you to talk about your work to interested readers •learn the magic of the Marketing Mantra (not a chant, but a set of extremely practical stages) •be given a simple programme which will lay the groundwork for sales of your book from here on out None of this will cost you any extra money; very little of your time will be taken up; and, if you apply the steps of the programme correctly, you will finally experience joy, satisfaction and a sense of certainty about what it takes to get your book into readers’ hands.

Get sales!

End your disappointment!

Answer your marketing questions! Use marketing campaigns that actually work! This e-book is for you!


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