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Crack Your Marketing: Provide More

We’re following through our Marketing Mantra to build a machine which will do everything you need it to do to create a viable writing career for you.

You attract generally by using social media to draw in a body of ‘warm prospects’, people who are interested in a general way in the kind of thing you write; you attract specifically by using the tools of positioning, cover design, blurbs and some conversational skills within your social media groups so that people regularly buy your ‘portal’ book, the book that gives them a concentrated dose of your work; that book then does its work and engages them fully.

What we need to look at in a little more depth now is the final step of the Mantra: provide more.

There are two ways of interpreting the ‘provide more’ step:

1. Provide more in terms of quantity. This simply means have more books or items available so that when a reader finishes your portal book and is left craving for more, there are actually more works around to satisfy that craving — the more, the merrier, as it gives readers choice and a greater supply of your stuff to read, which all equals greater viability for you.