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Don't miss these two amazing books from Clarendon House...

Recently, Clarendon House published two books which deserve to be blockbusters in their own right. They are both unique, both surprising, both excellent at capturing elements of their genres — and even at inventing their own genres.

The first is The Chrysalis and the Creatures of the Highlands by Bruce Rowe. Yes, it’s a story about rabbits on a quest, and that will probably make you think of Richard Adams’ Watership Down — but, while that might help to anchor your thoughts a little, it would be misleading. The Chrysalis and the Creatures of the Highlands is a tale unlike any other, as the blurb says:

The Chrysalis is coming: the vast evolutionary process through which the earth moves from one stage to the next, creating gentler environments and hence gentler creatures through adaptation, under the watchful eyes of the Creators of All Things. In the meantime, Renwick and his lagomorphs are in danger of being overwhelmed by the vicious chief of the Dire Wolves, Caden. A perilous quest must be undertaken; a violent and merciless enemy confronted. Be prepared for a tale of epic triumph, tragedy and transformation…

You can grab a paperback or Kindle version here.

The second is Noman’s Land by Mel Lee Newmin, about which I wrote things like this when I first read the manuscript:

‘clever…well-paced…real action, well-described and dynamic… truly a page-turner — it’s one of those rare books (for me anyway) which I found myself thinking about after I had (with difficulty) laid it aside, imagining the characters and the setting and the events of the story even when not reading the book!’

As the blurb says:

Humanity’s worst nightmare: an intelligent alien race equipped with vast spacecraft is attacking the furthest outposts of Earth’s expansion — attacking ruthlessly, brutally and relentlessly, refusing to communicate. Their onslaught is so merciless that it is kept secret from the world’s population for fear of mass panic.

When expert linguist and political rebel Daj Dimarco is press-ganged into the desperate diplomatic mission charged with ending the aggression, he has little hope of ever returning to his former life on Earth. But when an unexpected confrontation with a member of his own crew suddenly flings him into a world he could never have imagined, Daj becomes the only hope for humanity's continuing existence— if he can somehow stay alive himself…

Mel Lee Newmin presents a story destined to be a classic of the science fiction genre: a fast-paced, multilayered adventure which is also richly textured and thought-provoking.

Grab a paperback or Kindle copy of Noman’s Land here.


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