Grow Your Marketing Part 8: Engagement Emails

Engagement emails are designed to convert prospects into customers.

They make offers.

Your addressee is someone who, in order for you to have their email address in the first place, acquired something from you. So they are already a little bit more open to buying from you than a complete stranger. An engagement email makes the most of that by making it as easy as possible for them to buy more from you.

Remember, as is covered in the book Crack Your Marketing, there are several levels of public. We can summarise them here:

7. The Complete Stranger — has never bought anything from you and probably never will. Don’t waste time trying to market your work to them.

6. The Non-Engager — may browse but never clicks. Not worth the effort.

5. The Occasional Visitor

4. The Potential Fan

3. The Emerging Fan

2. The Fan

1. The Super-fan.

Someone who has bought your Portal Product qualifies as at least a Potential Fan. If they have read or are reading your book, then (providing your book is a properly designed and well-written Portal Product) they will be an Emerging Fan.

Potential and Emerging Fans are the prime people for your email marketing campaigns.

Businesses use email marketing to keep in touch with these people every day — you’ve probably received emails from companies asking if you’d like to complete your checkout or sign up for a free offer or something else that may or may not have tempted you to act. You have bought something from them in the past, and they are taking that as evidence that you are more likely to buy something else in the future.

They’re right.

It's definitely more likely that you will buy something else from them in the future.

You can use this too.

Your writing business can see big monetary gains by simply plugging in an engagement email. Many of the people on your list will be expecting to hear from you, waiting to see what else you have, and even eager to buy more.