Grow Your Marketing Part 9: The Big Upsell

Step Three: The Big Upsell

We’re looking at how to use emails to create a viable career as a writer.

So far we’ve learned that rather than just sending out emails randomly, there is a proper sequence to your communications, just as there would be if you were running a physical shop. You wouldn’t immediately run up to someone who had just walked into your shop and try to sell them something, would you? Or at least, you wouldn’t if you actually wanted them to buy whatever it was.

No, you would introduce yourself, find some way of engaging the person’s attention, and then encourage them into a buying mood.

You would also make sure that you were displaying highly tempting stuff, yes?

The same applies when you are running an online shop or using email marketing: introduce yourself, engage the person, offer them encouragement, and then move on to the point we have now reached: make sure that you have something large and expensive to offer them.

Remember, if you’ve done all the preceding steps correctly — having your work circulating for free or low fees in the marketplace, and having a Portal Product available to buy, not to mention the foundations described in detail in Crack Your Marketing — then these people on your list are not ‘cold prospects’, but have actually already shown an interest in what you have to offer.

This next step is where big money can be made relatively quickly, so please pay attention.

For every offer you make there is some percentage of buyers that would buy more.

Every new or revitalised reader you acquire through your earlier emails in this series should receive an offer to something which takes them to a whole different level of purchase.

What might that ‘different level’ be?

Well, it might be simply an opportunity to acquire boxed sets of your work at a special price.

Or it might be a club membership, entitling them to inside glimpses of your work, your artistic processes, your plans and projects.

Or it might be a course designed to help them write like you.

Or it might be a special deal on a book not yet released to the general public.

And so on.

What your different level might be is something that will be tailored to your own situation. Maybe you don’t want to run a club or design a course, for example.

It all depends on whether you want to make serious or even just viable levels of money as a writer, and over