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How to Advertise in the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine

As you probably have heard, the world’s most exciting writers’ magazine was launched early in 2019. The magazine contains many, many things of great interest to writers all over the world, including:

Articles, short stories, ongoing serials, artwork, excerpts, interviews, submission information, story analysis, tips, advice, hints, quizzes, competitions, jokes, cartoons and comic strips, news and successes…

The possibilities are almost endless.

The audience are people aged from approximately 18 to 80, men and women, internationally based, with at least one big thing in common: a total passion about fiction. Many are established writers, many more are new writers striving to get published, but all of them are readers - they are consumers of books with voracious appetites, many genres, many lengths, many styles.

In many ways, they are like you. Hopefully they include you, if you subscribe.

Consequently, they are an audience of great interest to writers.

And that’s why I’m offering space in the magazine for anyone to advertise their work - or their services, if you happen to be an editor, a designer, or offer some other services useful to writers.

Because it is an electronic magazine, it's possible to include links that lead readers directly to websites, blogs, book selling points and so forth.

Ads are able to be in colour.

Advertising space is available at the special rate of £20.00 for a full page.

If you wish to place an ad on the Inside Front Cover, though, it will cost £100.00

Inside Back Cover & Back Cover options = £75.00

That’s all for one issue.

If you want to take advantage of block bookings for a year’s ad space, prices fall considerably further:

12 issues X 1 Full page = £200.00

12 issues X Inside Front Cover = £600

I can offer these rates because I feel that this is a ‘hot audience’ for your merchandise. As any of you who have read my marketing materials will know, block advertising is like ‘shouting from the rooftops’ unless your audience is already at least ‘warm’ - and in this magazine’s public, we have a gathering of people already interested to some degree in what you have to offer.

All advertising copy is subject to editing review. I will even help with suggestions of how to improve your copy, where needed.

How do you do this?

Send your ad copy and images to

Payments are required by PayPal to fulfil the arrangements. I’ll give you my PayPal address once you have expressed an interest in advertising.

Remember, this is the world’s most exciting writers’ magazine. Be part of it.

Any questions?

Write to me:


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