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Over the last few weeks, I’ve received many poems, some of which have been exceptionally beautiful. However, I have received nowhere near enough to form a viable publication.

Readers will want a sizeable volume for their money, a packet of poetic passion, a tome of touching testimonies, an incomparable collection of crafted creativity - they will expect at least a hundred pieces, probably many more. I had the notion of including up to 500 high quality poems - maybe unrealistic, but what a book that would be!

The idea of Poetica # 2 was to sate an enormous appetite for wondrous words. Right now, once I cull through the submissions and select the very best, readers would get less than 30 poems.

I NEED MANY MORE POEMS; poets, step forth!

I am extending the deadline to December 15th, 2020.

And before someone asks ‘Why not allow more than one poem per poet?’ let me explain (again):

It’s one poem per poet for the following reasons:

1. It encourages poets to select their very best work for submission.

2. It is fairer when it comes to the competition which gives poets a chance to win a book contract (read the submission guidelines).

3. It gives more room for more poets.

So right now Poetica # 2 is WIDE OPEN for more submissions.

Keep in mind the above: select your best work and you might win enough readers’ votes to earn your own book contract with Clarendon House.

Submission guidelines are available here:

Any questions? Email me:

There once was a volume of verse

Which began with an ask, rather terse:

But poets stepped up,

And beauty was supped,

All across the universe.


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