'Oh no! Not Marketing again! Do I have to?' Part Fourteen: How To Run A Facebook Group That Works

Using our Marketing Mantra, we can effectively set up a profitable writing career. But the fact that it is a ‘mantra’ doesn’t mean that it’s magical or doesn’t require work.

That doesn’t mean ‘hard, boring or uncomfortable work,’ though. It can be quite the opposite.

When you think of ‘marketing’ as a subject, you probably still imagine it as spending huge amounts of time and possibly money bombarding faceless masses with ads in the hope of selling a few books. Many of you will have had direct experience of the extremely low success rate from such a strategy, and will have concluded that ‘Marketing is a complete mystery’ or worse, that ‘Marketing is a giant fraud’. As we’ve covered so far in this series, though, marketing doesn’t have to be like that at all: it can be done in a time-effective way, and it can be done in such a way that it can actually be fun and a real extension of your writing.

Whereas many people might spend dozens of hours every week desperately pumping out ads and other promotion about their book, with very little return, I estimate that it’s possible to run an organic marketing campaign on less than ten hours a week, spread through the week, if it’s done properly — and those ten hours won’t feel like ‘marketing’ at all.

That should leave the average writer plenty of time to concentrate on doing the thing they love to do best — write more. In fact, writing more becomes a vital part of a successful organic marketing campaign, because such a campaign is aimed at creating ‘superfans’, and superfans will want to read more of your work.

So what exactly is the workload involved in an organic marketing campaign?

The main marketing effort covers the range outlined in our Marketing Chart between the Superfan and the Occasional Visitor — the focus of your attention is on this group, rather than being wasted on mass advertising which largely falls upon the deaf ears of the Non-Player or the Anti-Customer.

How do you capture the attention of this prime audience?

You use social media groups.

Here’s how you put such a group together: