Overcoming the Amygdala Part 76

Many human beings act like social media corporations, madly ‘sucking in’ material in the hope of making some kind of ‘profit’ from it - mainly that elusive condition, 'peace of mind'. But whereas a corporation can make money from selling data to advertisers in one way or another, individual human beings often find that they have no use for the mountains of data which they have collected — indeed, the volume of data is so huge that it can be overwhelming and maddening, literally. It swims around in heads, creating whirlpools of anxiety because most of it is unanalysed.

Anyone who has had a minor ailment and Googled their symptoms has some inkling of what this is like: the data they have read about what initially was just a small thing may have exploded the problem into a life-threatening emergency for which they must seek hospitalisation.

It can be like that with the way we approach what we call ‘news’: we