Overcoming the Amygdala Part 93

You may have driven a car in which a little bell ‘tings’ when you start moving but haven’t fastened your seatbelt. As soon as you click the belt on, the bell stops.

Your parasympathetic nervous system is a little like that: as soon as you notice and take responsibility for whatever it is that you’re being warned about, the amygdala stops ringing.

You can set ideals up for your life as a whole and for each part of your life, and for many situations around you. You can work back from the large ideal to a part, so that all the lesser ideals and their statistics build up to bringing about the overall ideal with its statistic, examining each departure and understanding how the smaller parts add up to the larger.

Viability is key. Where any part of your life is found not to support overall viability, there is a departure. If you falter in some department of Life, this needs to be restudied, reexamined against experience and new greater and lesser ideals and statistics must be worked out and put into use.

Operating Without Statistics

You only have to look around to see that

a) hardly anyone operates on statistics

b) the result is chaos.

Acting on opinion — and reacting to the opinions of others — is one of the most instantly recognisable aspects of humanity, as a few minutes on social media will confirm.

‘Opinion’ is really a huge swamp of misconceptions, emotions, cognitive distortions, biases and prejudices which make up what passes for ’thinking’ in contemporary society.

People often seek security in status. The higher a person is viewed to be in some kind of social hierarchy, the ‘safer’ or ‘more reliable’ that person’s opinion is viewed to be. Clearly this is unstable at best. Status itself is often fleeting and false. A person’s character can be maligned, a status can be reviled, a hierarchy can be usurped.

‘Public opinion’ is as changeable as water and as malleable as clay — something which media entities make the most of to sell advertising and papers.

Conflicts of opinion have become even more evident due to today