Some really bad Star Wars jokes...

Some really bad Star Wars jokes — don’t feel obliged to Force yourself to laugh…

1. Psychiatrist: What do you say to yourself when you look in a mirror? Darth Vader: ‘I find your lack of face disturbing.’

2. On the Forest Moon of Endor, how does the small furry creature commute to work? Ewoks.

3. What was Luke Skywalker’s nickname after he lost his hand in The Empire Strikes Back? Hand Solo.

4. What was the name of Luke’s space ship after it lost its flight panels? Ex-wing fighter.

5. Darth Vader didn’t enjoy his visit to the pub when their beer dispenser broke down. ‘I find your lack of froth disturbing,’ he said.

6. On which planet do they draw pictures on their skins all day long? Tatooine.

7. ‘How much change did you get back from 20p when you bought that sticker?’ asked Han.

Luke answered: ’See? 3p.’

‘Oh,’ replied Han.

8. What did Han Solo say when someone asked him to take responsibility for a split in geological strata? ‘It’s not my fault.’