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The Christmas Issue Is Here!

Inside the inspiring eleventh issue, rising star author R. A. Goli talks about her life and work plus we get a glimpse behind the scenes of Welcome to Blekeleigh Court by Samantha Hamilton, plus enjoy our Christmas fiction including Love’s Gift by C. L. Steele, The Bard by Mark Kodama, Claire’s Special Day by Shawn M. Klimek and the next part of A Fury That Burns by Susannah J. Bell — in addition, you get a special Christmas Master Author Showcase, a complete short story The Hint Of An Explanation from Graham Greene!

Our expert advice includes Why You Should Edit with Susannah J. Bell, Junk Drawer Writing with Julie Eger, Understanding Graphic Designers with John Green and The Wonderful World Of Marketing: Finding Your Audience with Grant P. Hudson

We take a look at the art of the Mediaeval Manuscript and continue our adapted feature The Tragedy Of Macbeth by William Shakespeare, but that’s nowhere near all! Articles include A Window Into Middle-Earth: A Journey To The Real Mordor with Grant P. Hudson, Did I Really Write That? with Gary Bonn, Reflections On The C. S. Lewis Symposium At Montreat, North Carolina with Justin Wiggins and An Unearthly Child part of our occasional series featuring the BBC television series Doctor Who: this month, The Sixth Doctor.

Even that’s not all, though: there’s news of a special game, the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine Subscriber Game, and we introduce not one but TWO new imprints offering more opportunities: Outlook Books and Linden Books!

There are free gifts for readers and a subscribers’ free gift too!

Don’t miss out! Get your copy now for only £2.00 or subscribe for £20.00 to get 12 issues!


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