The Inner Circle Writers' Magazine Subscribers' Game

In the run up to the Christmas issue, which should be out in the next week or so, I wanted to point out how far the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine had come since its launch in February this year, and to introduce an interesting game to you.

Dozens of intriguing articles offering insights into the writing and publication processes have been released for your education and enlightenment.

Dozens of brand-new and enthralling stories have been printed for your delight.

Many new and established artists have had a chance to showcase their work.

And the title of ‘The World’s Most Exciting Writers’ Magazine’ has been well and truly earned around the globe, as each issue reaches avid readers from countries as far flung as Pakistan, Australia, the United States and Ireland, not to mention its home base in the UK.

In 2020, this is going to expand even further — and you can benefit from that in a very tangible way.

That’s because of a new game: The Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine Subscriber Game.

In a nutshell, for each and every person who subscribes to the magazine through you, I will pay you £2.00 (that’s about $2.64 in US dollars). That’s subscribers — i.e. people who sign up for 12 issues for the ridiculously low price of £20.00.

How do you persuade people to subscribe?

Well, your target market is writers, just like you. You need to talk to people who are passionate about writing, whether or not they are actually writing anything themselves. Many of these people will be in the stages of thinking about becoming a writer; some will have set out down that road; while others may be established authors who have had some success with getting published. In each case, the magazine is perfect for them:

• it offers insights into what it means to be a writer, how to get started and how to maintain success

• it provides submission opportunities for short fiction as well as room to air one’s own views and experiences in the field