The Joy of Writing

We all work extremely hard already as writers. To be told that we have to do more is not an easy thing to hear. But the truth is that, unless we stay on top of things in particular ways, the harsh financial facts of life will catch up with us.

Luckily, the answers are pretty simple.

To have high financial volume as a writer, you need only

(a) Write like crazy within established patterns

This isn’t about wasting your own time and that of others by writing without paying attention to the rules - this is about learning the patterns and conventions which make stories really work. Learn them, practice them and then write within them with style! The best solutions for the piece of fiction you are working on are already built into the underlying patterns of it.

(b) Make it a pleasant and happy thing as possible to work as a writer.

Lots of people want to be writers because it’s a great job. And it is! You are in control of your schedule, your inner life, your output. Writers are generally fantastic people too. Make it worthwhile to be one with all that you do and say. Treat each other with courtesy and respect.

(c) Write on a highly personal basis - be passionate, attuned and clear!

Timetable yourself briskly and oversee your own progress alertly. Look at your work schedule every week and