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The VIP Marketing Programme: Growing Your Audience

Here's the second point of my VIP Marketing Programme:

Growing Your Audience

We’ll begin this next stage by setting up and operating your ‘reader farm’. Instead of using expensive and wasteful ads or manually spamming the internet to try to generate interest, we will put together ‘catchment areas’ so that every day you already have a captive audience who will have arrived on their own determinism and be willing to engage with you.

I'll help you connect with up to fifty ideal prospects every day. These people will be the start of your ‘farm’ of warm prospects over the following two months. Setting up all of this won’t cost an additional penny.

We’ll gradually cultivate these prospects by working the Marketing Mantra (‘Attract generally, attract specifically, engage fully, provide more’) over and over finding out more and more what they like and what kinds of things they would pay for. This will largely be live communication with actual potential readers, prior to them ever hearing about your book(s).

This live dialogue with real people will magically turn into initial sales of your Portal Product, the perfect introduction to you as an author.

Product: Hot Prospects and Sales


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