Voting Deadline Approaching

As you may know, Inner Circle Writers' Group anthologies each have a competition, in which the readers vote for the best story or poem in each volume. The author of that piece is then offered an opportunity to publish a collection of his or her work with Clarendon House Publications — upon which royalties will be paid. Accepted writers and poets therefore have a path to becoming paid writers and poets. As of this writing, eight authors have taken this route and had their own books published by Clarendon House: Peter Astle, Gabriella Balcom, David Bowmore, Emily Fluke, Sharon Frame Gay, R. A. Goli, Elizabeth Montague and P. A. O’Neil. All have received royalties from sales of their books. You can find their collections available as paperbacks or Kindle versions on the Clarendon House website.

But due to various events in 2020, the competition became backlogged and there are still five anthologies which haven’t yet had winners decided! These are listed below.

The deadline for votes is February 15th.

If you’d like to vote, simply select your TOP THREE stories from each of the books and email me at I will then calculate the winners and inform those lucky authors that they are entitled to a book contract!

Here are the outstanding books — outstanding in terms of quality and because they haven’t been voted on yet!