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The Master Authors' Secret Handbook

This was the first book I wrote about the apparently hidden laws and prnciples behind the world of fiction. When I wrote that 'You have to read this to believe it! Is this the book of secret rules and guidelines handed down from great author to great author through the centuries?' I don't think I was exaggerating. What I found surprised and staggered me as much as anyone else. This is what others had to say about it back in 2008:

“It’s beautiful, informative, essential reading for anyone who wants to write fiction. It’s almost a responsibility point, you’re committing a crime if you don’t get it into peoples’ hands!!!” -B.R. (Author) “Your book is teaching me all the stuff that the other books don’t! I can learn all about three-act structures and all that stuff elsewhere -this book is telling me exactly what to put INTO the structure! It makes writing so easy and you can immediately spot where you’re going wrong! Excellent!” -L.J. (Professional) “This is an absolutely amazing achievement! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in writing fiction.” -T.R. (Student) “I was extremely impressed. This is not idle flattery. You’ve done a superb job in uncovering the factors that go into making a great piece of literature.” -B.R. (Executive)

You can still buy a copy here.

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