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The Excitement of Writing

You’re a writer, or you want to be one.

You write, or want to write, something that someone else wants to read, wants to find fulfilling, and wants enough to pay you money for it.

But sometimes money doesn’t even appear on the radar: sometimes it just feels as though your head will explode if you don’t get what is inside it onto the page or screen, and quickly. Like the Tardis in the long-running science fiction TV programme Doctor Who, you feel that you are bigger inside than out and that your job is to somehow get what’s bubbling away in your imagination out into the world before it’s too late.

The problem is that there is only a narrow keyhole-sized opening called ‘present time’ in which to write. To use another analogy, you’re like a pregnant woman, trying to give birth to the baby of your fiction, but through an apparently impossibly-constrained channel.

How can you do it?

Is all your creative potential going to be wasted?

The biggest excuse (by survey) given for why writers don’t make is:

‘Not enough time.’

You call yourself a writer, you really want to be a writer, your head is overflowing with ideas - but you aren’t actually writing.

Your life is swallowed up by work, by children, by routines and relationships and remorseless demands which work against you actually sitting down and writing. This is the most common barrier: writers don’t write.

This leaves you with the first of two hyper-critical situations, as described in the diagram above.

This first situation is obviously the most crucial to resolve - unless you are actually writing, you’re not really a writer at all. The worlds inside your head will stay inside your head. The world outside will remain untouched by the wonders you have swirling around inside. End of story, literally.

Who knows how many unheard poems there are on Planet Earth? Who can count the stories that are never written? Who chronicles the tales that will never be told?

You get the idea. This one you have to crack, or there will be no writing done at all.


For anyone who has always wanted to be a writer, the obstacles presented by the universe around you can sometimes seem impossible to overcome.

It’s not a question of ‘How can I make money from writing?’, though that’s obviously a concern. Making money from your writing is much further down the line. It’s not even a question of ‘Is my writing any good?’ though that clearly comes up too. No, there are barriers in the way before those questions can arise, let alone be answered.

The main query faced by anyone who wants to be a writer is ‘Why am I not doing it right now?’

There are remedies and these are described in detail elsewhere in this blog. But even if you overcome that situation, you have to tackle the second Hyper-critical Situation, which is that your writing isn't good enough to attract readers:

What can you do about this one?

Luckily a route map exists:

This map takes you all the way from not writing at all through to a completed and published work that will attract readers.

And that's what this site and its materials are all about!

Click here for more information about how you can get started!


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