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How Businesses Really Work

This book could be one of the most powerful weapons you will ever have for transforming your business, your life, and the lives around you. In these pages, you will learn about:

• the universal patterns that all businesses follow and how you can use them to boom your business

• the powerful, hidden force which motivates customers, employees and your own business, and how to take advantage of it to take your operation to a whole new level

• the business model which, if followed, will create a machine generating unimaginable numbers of customers and heightened customer satisfaction for you, based on the most successful businesses in the world.

Along the way, you’ll discover:

• the marketing secrets that lie behind super-successful global marketing campaigns like those of Apple or Amazon, and how you can use them in your business

• what money really is and how to generate as much as you want, stably and without any kind of ‘trick’

• how to tap into the latent power of people and groups around you to support your efforts

and much, much more.

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