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How to Write Stories That Work - and Get Them Published!

This course is very different to anything else on the market.

It's not about three act structures, or even particularly about 'writer's journeys' and all the rest of it.

It's about the PHYSICS that makes all those other things work in stories.

Everything in this course is based on an extensive 40-year study of English literature and popular fiction, ranging from Shakespeare to contemporary movies like Star Wars or the Marvel superhero films or American television sit-coms. Work examined during the course includes that of master authors like Dickens, Austen, E. M. Forster, C. S. Lewis and many others. Why are successful works of fiction successful? Their secrets are here! With this e-course, you’re getting a tailor-made, comprehensive programme of help for your fiction, installing successful features of the world’s greatest writing PLUS how to get your work actually published AND your published book, with your name on the cover!

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The Inner Circle Writers' Group is all about fiction: what it is all about, how it works, helping you to write and publish it. You can keep up to date with live contributions from members, upload your own fiction, enter competitions and so on:
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