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Week One: Boosting Your Creative Enthusiasm

Do you want your work to be more successful?

Would you like your life to be more enjoyable?

Do you want to wake up every morning excited to get writing?

Do you want readers addicted to your books?

If so, instilling passion into your writing life is a must. During this week, I’ll cover:

• Why passion really matters and why you’ll have trouble without it

• Why you should have clear values that guide your fiction, and why doing so will make your readers even more excited to buy from you and tell their friends about you

• How making a difference with your work will make you more motivated to succeed

In this week, we also move your writing life forward into as-yet-untapped regions.

• You’ll get to know your ideal reader and why your success is dependent on getting to know him or her even better

• Get a snapshot of your strengths and weaknesses and rework your writing so that you utilise your strengths

And importantly:

• How all of the above just won’t happen unless you take very practical and do-able steps to control your life so that other things don’t get in the way of your writing!

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