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5 Ways of Establishing an Ideal Reader

One good place to start as a writer is in thinking about readers. There's a mental process which you can go through to help you focus on the effect that you want to create as a writer. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

1. Picture your ideal reader sitting across the table from you in a pub or cafe.

2. List out some of the qualities that they might possess, for example (these are just examples, change these as you wish):


Accomplished, literate

Young(ish) 18 to 34


Good sense of humour


Likes literature, film, reading

Passionate about certain things (i.e. deeper meaning, peace etc)

Desires whatever it is you write about without perhaps recognising what it is

Wants to be part of your inner circle, wants to receive your stories

3. Think about where this person might spend his or her time, for example:

Facebook groups

Possibly sports groups


4. Now, ponder what might, for that person sitting across from you, attract and grip his or her attention immediately - something that matches an urgent need, something that fills a vacuum and hints at filling larger voids.

5. Establish in your own mind what result you want to provide the reader with, for example:

More ease

More peace of mind

More truth

5. Work out a series of scenes or events or turning points which would continue to enthral this reader. By this stage, the individual you imagined in front of you in Step 1 has probably taken on a little independent life as a 'character' too -continue to write for that individual, continue to entertain that person, direct his or her attention, lift or depress emotions, surprise, dismay and delight them.

Before long you will have a story that works.


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