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Types of Customer

This is a big topic, given that paying customers come in all shapes, sizes and tones. Having said that, customers as a group fall into four sub-groups, not all the same size:

Group 1 is the largest. These are the customers who you don't normally see. They are the dutiful, quiet, understanding, co-operative customers who just get on with it and normally go along with whatever you are doing. It's good to keep in touch with them but you won't normally have many direct dealings with them. Because they are the lest visible group, they are also neglected the most - we’ll come back to this in a moment, as it is key to expanding your business.

Group 2 is the next largest. These are customers who fall into the above category but occasionally come to see you with a specific request or on a particular issue. They are normally sensible and whatever it is they need can usually be accommodated without too much trouble.