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Breakthrough Writers’ Guides Redefine How Authors View Fiction – Forever!

From a recent press release:

Written from meticulous research and application by author Grant P Hudson, ‘How to Write Stories That Work and Get Them Published’ and ‘How Stories Really Work: Exploring the Physics of Fiction’ are two guides for aspiring writers unlike anything else on the market. The former lays out a comprehensive blueprint to exploiting the physics that makes writing “work”, while the latter helps readers understand and use fiction in ways they never previously thought possible. They’re a goldmine of unique information for wordsmiths, everywhere.

Having spent over four decades studying English literature and popular fiction, Grant P. Hudson is firm in his belief that writing well is a self-contained science; a unique form of expression that, if not understood in the right way, will stagnate any writer’s ability to thrive.

In what could possibly be the two most unique writers’ guides on the planet, Hudson unravels everything he has learned in ‘How to Write Stories That Work and Get Them Published’ and ‘How Stories Really Work: Exploring the Physics of Fiction’.


‘How to Write Stories That Work and Get Them Published’ - This course is very different to anything else on the market. It's not about three act structures, or even particularly about 'writer's journeys' and all the rest of it. It's about the PHYSICS that makes all those other things work in stories.

Everything in this course is based on an extensive 40-year study of English literature and popular fiction, ranging from Shakespeare to contemporary movies like Star Wars or the Marvel superhero films or American television sit-coms. Work examined during the course includes that of master authors like Dickens, Austen, E. M. Forster, C. S. Lewis and many others.

Why are successful works of fiction successful? Their secrets are here! With this e-course, you’re getting a tailor-made, comprehensive programme of help for your fiction, installing successful features of the world’s greatest writing PLUS how to get your work actually published AND your published book, with your name on the cover!

‘How Stories Really Work: Exploring the Physics of Fiction’ - This book is a powerful tool for understanding fiction and for transforming creative writing and taking it to new levels of clarity, energy and effectiveness. Learn what a story really is and what it is actually doing to and for readers, how all successful fiction follows universal patterns to attract and grip readers, the magnetic power that draws readers into a work of fiction even before the introduction of any character, what the thing called a ‘character’ actually is, and the secrets of how to rapidly build a convincing one that attracts readers, the things called ‘plots’, what they are and how they are actually made (rather than how you might suppose they are made). Find out about the writing model which, if followed, will create a machine generating unimaginable numbers of readers and heightened reader satisfaction for you, based on some of the most successful pieces of literature in the English-speaking world.

“I can guarantee that my readers will never view fiction in the same light again,” explains Hudson. “The bottom line is that most authors don’t truly understand what a story is at its most basic level, how it works and how it plays with the emotions and lives of its readers. See these volumes as cutting back to basics; the basics that will turn anyone from a good writer into a legendary one.”

Praise for the author’s work has come in abundance. For example, one author comments, “It’s beautiful, informative, essential reading for anyone who wants to write fiction. It’s almost a responsibility point, you’re committing a crime if you don’t get it into peoples’ hands!!!”

Another adds, “Your book is teaching me all the stuff that the other books don’t! I can learn all about three-act structures and all that stuff elsewhere -this book is telling me exactly what to put INTO the structure! It makes writing so easy and you can immediately spot where you’re going wrong! Excellent!”

Both volumes are available now.

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