A Writer's Strategy Questionnaire

Below are some questions to help you pinpoint exactly where you are suffering most as a writer so that you can take actions to correct yourself.

I’ve called this a Writing Strategy Questionnaire:

1. What decisions do you think a teacher, examiner, editor or any type of reader usually make regarding your work in the first fifteen seconds?

2. About what percentage of the creative activity which takes place all the time in your head makes it onto paper?

3. Do your openings ‘pull in’ at first rather than ‘pushing out’?

4. Does a statement of the main theme of your work typically appear near the end of the introduction or first page?

5. Do you narrow your focus more to give greater depth to fewer ideas?

6. Is there some kind of ‘tension between opposites’ in your work?

7. At the beginning, does your reader know what general position you are taking?