9 Short Tips for Parents

Here are some one-line tips for parents, based on experience and observation. They are pretty self-explanatory, but if you need more information, please drop a line!

1. Speak Only After You Think: the mouth is trigger happier than the mind.

2. Recognise That You Are a Role Model: your child will grow into copying you, good or bad.

3. Show Spontaneous Affection: your child should learn that the world is made of love.

4. Give Positive, Accurate Feedback: children greatly appreciate knowing when they do right things.

5. Create a Safe and Loving Home Environment: we all need a base to return to and unwind.

6. Cooperation Beats Competition: our world-model is evolutionary, the survival of the fittest; our life model should be ecological, the survival of the most useful.

7. Pay Attention to What Interests Your Child: a child’s passions are the gateway to his or her future.

8. Blame Behaviour, Not Being: a child can behave wrongly while still being loved and loveable.

9. Each Child is Unique: comparisons with others chill the heart.

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