The First Year of a Successful Reading Programme for Children

What follows is based on what worked in the school setting in which it was trialed. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to follow the same time frames. It’s possible to scale things down based on these parameters.

The First Weeks: Establishing the Programme

The first year focuses on happiness.

The idea is therefore to remove anything from a child’s sphere of reading which might promote unhappiness.

In the first weeks of the year, an extensive survey and interviews are undertaken to develop each child’s individual reading situation and plan, including:

• the establishment of reading schedules at school and at home

• the devising of a graduated tailor-made programme including each child’s own choices of reading material

• the development of audio-visual aids to raise interest such as key literature-based films and/or programmes

• drawing up remedial programmes if required.

It is advisable to have existing booklists and reading resources collated into a cohesive catalogue of materials covering fiction and non-fiction. In other words, you need a reasonably-sized library, or access to one. This helps children make sensible choices for their reading.

Reading Schedules