An Interview with G. P. Hudson, the Artist

Here's a short interview I did recently regarding my work as a sketch artist.

Where are you from?

I was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Can you introduce yourself and what is it you do?

I'm semi-retired but have been many things in the past, including an experienced classroom teacher, tutor and an accomplished editor for individual authors and for international companies. I also have had a background as a small business consultant, writer, speaker and mentor, and have done many other things, including producing and directing amateur whole-school theatre groups, creating and managing many individual and group programmes as Head Teacher of a small independent school, and much more.

Now I’m fulfilling a lifelong dream by spending my time writing and drawing.

Have you always been creative?

Apparently, yes. I have sketched things from an early age and most of my youth was misspent sitting in a corner drawing superheroes and famous faces, or writing stories.

What is it working with the materials that you particularly enjoy?

It’s difficult to break that down. There’s a moment while sketching something when the various marks you’re making on a piece of paper start to come together to represent a meaningful image to the eye. That’s satisfying, and all from making tiny, occasionally almost indiscernible motions with a pencil.

Can you tell us what inspires your items?

I grew up in the 60s and 70s, inspired by the worlds of books, comics and television at that time. Television was my generation’s internet: we were always in front of it, and the programmes we watched then went deep into my psyche. And in my house we were allowed to read anything on the shelves, so my imagination went into overdrive early on. There’s a tremendous feeling of contentment, as well, from being able to capture images on paper.

How do you make your items? (i.e. what techniques do you use)