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Coming soon: The Clarendon House Master Author Programme

You've heard of the revolutionary book How Stories Really Work.

Now Clarendon House is going one step further with the Master Author Programme.

This set of training steps is an adventure you will never forget into realms where you've always wanted to go. On this unique programme you will find out

• what it is as an author that you are running into that prevents you from even getting started

• how to beat the Seven Communication Barriers which stop your writing from flourishing

• what your well-springs as an author truly are and why you must visit them every step of the way

• how to attract, hold and guide your readers' attention through whole stories with minimal effort, simply by using the secret language of fiction

• the four ways in which you can fulfil your readers, and how to deliver that fulfilment perfectly in each case

• the mysteries of style, what your writing style says about you and how you can break free of clichés and stuck patterns in your writing

plus much, much more.

Stay tuned for more details as the programme is prepared for release.

To register your interest, visit the special website page here.

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