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Announcing the Inner Circle Writers' Group 2018 Anthology

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Inner Circle Writers' Group, I'm putting together an anthology of short stories.

The way this works is that anyone who is a member of the Inner Circle Writers' Group on Facebook may enter a short story of any kind, any genre, any theme with a maximum length of 20,000 words.

You can ask to join the group here:

Submissions are already rolling in for the anthology - so many, in fact, that I may have to do more than one volume to keep costs down, as I have said before. It's quite possible that there will be more than one anthology in the coming year.

I'm also open to suggestions as to what this first anthology should be called - or should it just be 'the anthology'? Please let me know your ideas.

What is the Inner Circle Writers' Group?

I set up the Inner Circle Writers' Group in 2008 as part of a wave of enthusiasm for my own writings back then, which were designed to help other writers by revealing some of the hidden laws at work in fiction. Recently, I've opened up the Facebook group to other contributors and things have taken off.

The group is all about writing of any kind, supporting writing, helping each other and finding out how stories work. You're welcome to contribute to the Facebook group.

How will the anthology work?

There will be no cost for entering a story into the anthology, if it gets approved by me. (If your entry doesn't get approved this time, I may hold onto it for a future volume, we can talk about that.) I'm not yet in a position to offer royalties to authors, but hopefully this will all grow into a condition where future volumes will carry royalties for contributors. (The only way to pay royalties at this point would be to hike up the price of the finished book, probably to a range which no one would pay.)

The product for writers is that their work will appear in a published anthology. They may then purchase copies as gifts, or encourage others to buy.

I'll keep the price of the book as low as possible - basically it will be priced to cover production costs.

If you're interested, send me your story!

Write to me here:

Join the Inner Circle Writers' Group on Facebook

The Inner Circle Writers' Group is all about fiction: what it is all about, how it works, helping you to write and publish it. You can keep up to date with live contributions from members, upload your own fiction, enter competitions and so on:
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