Why It Takes So Long To Hear Back From Me Regarding Your Submissions

I’ve written elsewhere about the process that a submission goes through once you send it to me for possible inclusion in a Clarendon House publication. But I am well aware that there seems to be an awful long time between you sending something off to me, and hearing back from me about its fate - so I wanted to give you a bit more of an idea of what happens in between.

I used to open three anthologies at once and set the same submissions deadline for all three. This was for three reasons: a) I wanted to create a bit of a ‘splash’ on the independent publishing scene b) I wanted to give writers a variety of targets for their pieces, and c) I wondered if that tiny bit of pressure on writers, to write for more than one anthology at the same time, might actually help to push them through some obstacles and get more writing done.

I think I succeeded regarding the first and second objectives. Clarendon House generated a huge amount of production between February and June this year, putting out Flashpoint, Galaxy, Storm, Vortex, Window, Carrier Wave, Cadence and Fireburst in very short order (though everything took much longer than I would have wanted it to). Not to mention the books I published in between. And lots of writers wrote lots of different kinds of things.

I’m not sure that I was right about the third objective though. Being persuaded by members of the Inner Circle Writers’ Group to ‘stagger’ the deadlines of the next set of anthologies, I noticed that something remarkable happened: the number of submissions sky-rocketed.

This might have been due to two things: firstly, Clarendon House might have become slightly more well-known over a period of a few months, and so have attracted more attention in the general marketplace; but also, I was probably wrong about the time-pressure thing. Given a bit more breath