The World of Marketing 4: Cold Marketing

A writer recently asked me this question as part of my coaching programme:

I sent a promotion to a cold list offering a free e-copy of my latest book. I had half a dozen or so people click the link to check out the book but nobody went ahead and actually bought it. What did I do wrong?

The solution is pretty straightforward. But keep in mind that there are four types of prospect for your book(s), which we’ll cover in a moment.

If I’m talking to a cold list, an offer like ‘Get my free book’ sounds good to me — but for the person at the other end of the line, it feels risky and burdensome. In fact, whether or not somebody downloads your book comes down to two things: the amount of burden they perceive versus the amount of reward they think they’ll receive.

How do I know that?

Because I see hundreds of such offers myself: ‘Download my book!’; ‘Get my free novella!’; ‘Get your copy today!’ They all sound like they are shouting at me. And I don’t have the time or inclination to follow through.

Probably neither do you. Think about your book for a moment: you think that, once people read it, they’ll fall in love with the characters; you think they’ll be hooked by the exciting plot; you think that they might even get some insight into the human condition, perhaps, or at least come away moved or entertained. You hope that, at the end of the book, they will feel like buying books from you. You think it’s going to be really valuable for them, right?

You see positives.

What do they see?