How To Streamline Your Submission To A Clarendon House Publication

I wanted to expand upon, clarify and improve the submission guidelines for Clarendon House so that a) you have a better chance of gaining acceptance and b) the processing of submissions gets faster and more efficient.

Please study the following points if you wish to send anything to me for possible publication. Though there are no anthologies open at present, there soon will be.

1. Where To Submit

Please send all submissions to the Clarendon House Publications email address:

Please don't post me anything, as I work through email only.

I should point out at the outset that Clarendon House Publications is not a ‘vanity press’ and that there are no fees charged for publication.

2. Editing Submissions

Please edit and proofread your submission prior to sending it.

Of course, some proofreading and possibly some editing will probably take place once the submission is received, but submissions with fewer errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax and the like are more likely to be accepted.

It is a condition of submission that you must be open to suggestions on how to improve your story in order to get it published. In other w