Routes for Writers, Part 2: The Publication Pathway

In yesterday’s article, I described the Learning Pathway which Clarendon House Publications has set up for new and established writers, a route beginning with the free e-book Your Biggest Challenge as a Writer and progressing through the new 7 Secrets of Successful Stories and the popular How Stories Really Work to the extensive author training course How to Write Stories That Work - and Get Them Published and beyond to professional beta reading and editing services.

The other route open to writers is the Publication Pathway.

This begins with the Inner Circle Writers’ Group, which is a forum for discussing writing and related matters, in which hundreds of new and established writers share their publication news and encourage each other to submit work to various places. It's a cure for 'writer loneliness' and a great place to 'hang out' as a writer. The 'write place to be', if you like.

It continues with the forthcoming Inner Circle Magazine, which will give many writers the opportunity to publish short stories, articles, news, artwork and other things each month, and where the camaraderie of the group will spill over into a new arena. Stand by for forthcoming announcements about the magazine and how to submit (and subscribe) to it. I hope it will be the world's most exciting writers' magazine.

Then come the Clarendon House anthologies.

The last few months have seen the publication of nine group anthologies, plus (at this writing) four individual anthologies, with more in the works, open to members of the Inner Circle and others. That equates to over one million words and over a hundred authors published in less than a year. That’s a series of tremendous venues for new and established short story writers.

But it doesn’t end there.