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A Quick But Vital Survey For You

Here’s a quick survey to do with the forthcoming Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine, which I need your help with. Please answer these questions and email me at:

The Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine is going to be packed with items of interest for writers, as well as short fiction, serials, artwork, quizzes, poetry, submission opportunities and so on. I already have loads of submissions and the doorway is wide open for more.

But I still have plenty of room. Each magazine is going to be Big; and there are going to be twelve of them each year. That’s plenty of space, not only to showcase your work but also to provide writers with everything that they need.

So what do you need?

What would make you subscribe to an online magazine (for just £2.00 a month, or roughly $2.55 American)?

What would the magazine need to contain to absolutely guarantee that you bought it and kept buying it?

What kinds of features or information would need to be within its pages for you to feel comfortable spending £24 a year (or approximately $30.00)?

What must you have as a writer? What are you desperate for as a writer?

What news or piece of data or other item would make you immediately click ‘Yes’ if offered this magazine?

What would you like to see on the cover? On the pages within?

Please give me as much detail as you wish!

I see this magazine as a playground for members and others; I see it as a showcase for your talents and those of others; and I see it as a combination of vital information, enlightenment and fun! You must be part of it!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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The Inner Circle Writers' Group is all about fiction: what it is all about, how it works, helping you to write and publish it. You can keep up to date with live contributions from members, upload your own fiction, enter competitions and so on:
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