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Just a Bit More About the Special Subscribers' Package

Also included in the Special Subscribers’ Package for those who have subscribed to the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine is book cover design.

Book Cover Design

Having designed dozens of book covers over the years, I have learned much - though this is a field in which everyone has to admit that they can always learn more, even if they are a professional designer.

Interestingly, one of the main problems with book cover design is the same kind of problem that writers have with writing blurbs - i.e. they think that the cover should a) convey as much of the story as possible and b) that what they come up with from their own imaginations, without any kind of other reference point, is going to work on readers.

We have probably all seen the kind of cover which has obviously been put together by a writer who believes that the design of the thing ‘tells the story’ and ‘looks good’ - when it is obvious that the result is not working at all and may even be repelling potential readers.

The first thing to become familiar with when designing a book cover is the other covers in the same field or genre of book. Why? Because those covers will most likely have been tested by professionals and will have already made it through a stringent procedure of market research. It’s always tempting to ‘do something completely different’, and ‘difference’ is a vital element in design - but it’s vital that ‘similarity’ not be compromised completely too.

Potential readers have to be able to recognise at a glance that a particular book may be of interest to them. This is a combination of picture, font style, placement of elements and colours - all viewed in a split second. Overriding in all of this is the clarity of the cover: readers want to know ‘What is this called?’ and ‘Who wrote it?’ as paramount requirements.

Look at any set of book covers online - you’ll find the title and author name prominent. But so many self-designed covers lose these elements in a desire to be ‘different’ or ‘beautiful’. Beauty is key, but not at the expense of the communication itself. A good cover uses beauty to enhance and clarify the message, not muddle or obscure it.

I offer book cover design services from £150.00. But see below.

Professional Marketing Consultancies

This is an area of great anxiety to many writers.

The hard work of writing and editing a book is the first stage only - getting it into the hands of its readers is at least 50% of the game.

To make sure that you are presenting your book in the most effective and least expensive way to potential buyers, I offer a personal marketing consultancy for £150.00.

However, with the coming of the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine, I can now offer a whole range of services at a special rate to subscribers.

You can get beta reading, highlighted proofreading, story synopsis and blurb writing, plus a cover design and marketing advice for only £150.00. That's in total.

If you’re interested and you’re a subscriber, contact me to secure your package today:

If you haven’t yet subscribed, go here.

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