I'm Going to Need Help Soon - Anyone Interested?

Pretty soon now, I’m going to need some help.

It might begin as voluntary help, but could quickly resolve into a job with an income in some cases, for anyone interested.

Basically, the art (and science) of producing a high quality anthology using the technology and tools broadly available these days has been established, through research, experience and simple hard work, over the last two years. Eleven years ago, I knew nothing about self-publishing really; three years ago, I had published several of my own books, but little else; but over the last two years, having published almost 30 books and a monthly magazine, I have much of the process ‘nailed’. Parts of this process can be reduced down to simple technical procedures which almost anyone can do, without much thought.

The areas where I think I will need the most help are as follows:

1. Reading submissions

As Clarendon House Publications became better known and trusted, more and more submissions poured in for each new anthology announced. Not only did the