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The Clarendon House Master Author Programme Part One: So You Want To Be A Master Author?

The Clarendon House Master Author Programme is being developed for release behind the scenes. Here is an extract from part of it:

Writers who want to become master authors and to build sustainable careers from their writings will find that every enterprise, if it is correctly planned, will interact beneficially with every other. If they write comedy, for example, a developed sense of wit will provide colour and depth, not only for the readers of comedy, but for those who like dystopian speculative fiction also. The by-products of the humour in comedy (comedy being defined as a ‘juxtaposition of the inappropriate in a low vacuum environment’) are a marvellous way of injecting humanity and reality into non-comedic works. These in turn, having developed three dimensions, help grow the comedy.

Characters, left to their own devices, will scratch about in the cast off threads of plots and find new combinations and connections. All plot residues help to feed the appropriate archetypes — and such residues as not even the characters can make use of they will tread into the background, and activate with their presence in existing tales, and turn loose ends into the finest in situ story texture without the writer lifting a pen.

All plot residues from rejected stories or cast-off characters go either to feed future stories, or to build worlds. Nothing is wasted. Nothing is an expensive embarrassment to be taken away. There should be no need of a rubbish bin in the world of the aspiring master author. Even old notes add worth. Anything that has to be dispensed with makes good foundations for other worlds, other viewpoints.

But before potential master authors embark on the pursuit of true husbandry in relation to their writing they should acquaint themselves with some of the basic laws of aesthetics, so that they can better understand why certain things will happen in writing, and why other things will not.

In this series of articles we are going to become acquainted with a totally different -- and yet oddly familiar -- universe. Stay tuned.

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