The World of Marketing: Four Important Things to Recognise to Avoid Feeling Demoralised

You’ve published a book — a book you slaved over from the first sentence to the last, a book you poured your own blood into, a book which you edited and proofread until it was a polished diamond.

Where are your readers?

Why don’t they just scent your work from afar, rush in droves to buy it, and then swoon with satisfaction once they read it? Why can’t they appreciate the delicate character work, the intricately realistic dialogue, the beautiful settings, the way you structured the thing so wonderfully?

Why is there only silence?

Here’s the thing: you aren’t owed any readers. In your universe, you are; in the outer universe, where readers live, you’re not. Try not to confuse the two.

As far as readers are concerned, you’re invisible, intangible, a phantom. You’ll remain so unless you recognise certain things and act upon them.

1. Recognise that people neither know nor care what work you have put into your book.

When you have an electrical problem in your house, you call an electrician. He or she fixes the problem. You don’t need to know exactly what or how it’s being done (tho