Ninth Issue still available!

The numinous ninth issue of the fabulous Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine is still available.

One of its main features is a behind-the-scenes look at the development of PIXIE FOREST PUBLISHING, one of the many independent presses that have sprung up in recent years to fill the gap in the marketplace between the giant publishers (who are hard to get hold of, run minimal submission opportunities and from whom you hardly ever hear back) and the self-published line, which is hard work and necessitates a great deal of time and attention. Small presses like Pixie Forest can give you the feedback and attention you need and can offer opportunities to get published which can boost a new author’s confidence while removing the arduous and quite mechanical tasks involved in getting something into the hands of readers. Donise Sheppard explains how Pixie Forest began, how it’s evolved and what their future plans are.

Of course, that’s only a tiny fraction of what the world’s most exciting writers’ magazine offers for only £2.00 per copy!

You’ll get to see some of the startlingly fresh and beautiful artwork of LINDSAY NORMAN and enjoy the FICTION of Gabriella Balcom, Susannah J. Bell, David Bowmore and Charles Dickens — whose work appears in the form of Part Two of the world-famous ghost story THE SIGNALMAN.

There’s also POETRY from Shawn Klimek and Shweta Goyal and EXPERT ADVICE from Dennis Doty, Samantha Hamilton, Jeffrey Stephens, Gary Bonn and Julie Eger.

One of the most extensive articles explores how Tolkien’s imagination worked. We discover that this involves sequences of images, an example of which is traced through the vast history of Middle-earth in an article entitled The Mountain and the City. It’s possible that you’ll never see Tolkien’s work in quite the same way again, after reading this.

Richard Prime investigates the question ROBIN HOOD: FACT OR FICTION?

plus the comic strip version of THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH continues with Part Nine and there’s a unique WRITER’S WORKSHOP, more tips on marketing, and much much more including a fabulous SUBSCRIBERS’ FREE GIFT, The Seven Levels of Attention, worth £19.99 on its own!

The best way to get the most out of the magazine is to subscribe: that way you’ll get each issue for less than £2.00, and you’ll get a reminder and be able to download your copy each month so you won’t miss a thing. Subscription costs only £20.00.

I strongly encourage anyone who is serious about writing to make this investment — you won’t find greater value for money anywhere and with each issue you’ll be garnering a store of entertainment, wisdom and beauty for the future!

You can find out more here.

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