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2022 Clarendon House Cover of the Year

Clarendon House has published 40 separate books and magazine issues so far in 2022 (not including the massive 14 modules of the Become a Professional Author Course).

Of these, 25 have been books.

Just for fun - and because I am interested in your feedback - I'd like you to select which of the covers in the following document most appeal to you. You can just give me your number 1 choice if you wish, or you can elaborate on why you prefer certain covers if you have time.

All the books are listed in this document so you can have a closer look at the covers than the thumbnail images above:

2022 Cover of the Year_compressed
Download PDF • 17.77MB

I'll post this in the Inner Circle Writers' Group on Facebook for feedback, but if you wish you can drop me a line at


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