5 Simple Golden Rules for Writers

When you think about writing your book (or story or whatever it is you’re working on) does it initially seem to you like a mountain over which you will never be able to climb?

Do you feel apathetic about the idea of writing it, even before you sit down to begin?

This is not an uncommon feeling. You are certainly not alone. In fact, it’s the second most voiced reason for not getting something written. (What’s the first? Interruptions! But even being interrupted assumes that you have actually started!)

It’s an exciting thing, being on the threshold of writing a book. Everything is shaping up in your mind, and yet is all still in flux, still able to be changed; you can work out one way of plotting something on a particular day, then the next day think of a whole new way of expressing it, and all without any kind of commitment. It’s a great creative thrill, and seems somehow spoiled by the notion of actually having to write it all down. That’s very understandable - but, if you really have an overwhelming desire to write that your special book, it’s also frustrating to watch the days and weeks slip by with nothing down on paper or on screen.

After all, if you know what you’re talking about or have a great concept, success, status, money, popularity, all beckon. But, even as you think about it, another few minutes slip by with nothing done.

What’s the answer?

The very first thing, the very first barrier which probably comes up in your mind when you think about writing your book is ‘It’s going to take a long time…'

Is that true? Doing something well does not necessarily have to t