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8 Tips for Writers to Build a Personal Brand on Social Media

8 Tips for Writers to Build a Personal Brand on Social Media

Recent years have seen a lot of turmoil, as the lockdown measures swept the globe and sent many to work from their homes. Now, most of the world has lifted movement and travel restrictions and has stepped into the new normality. However, the number of those who have experienced the perks of working from home and do not want to go back to the office increases.

The Great Migration to Online Jobs

As managers and bosses try to bring the workers back to the office with vague promises of longer coffee breaks and more water machines, office workers who feel too pressed to go back to the commute and sit at an office desk for 8 hours straight turn to quitting and finding online jobs. The perks of no commute, saving money, and working from the comfort of your own home have never looked better. The great migration to online jobs is now to its fullest. But what to do online remains an unexplored field that many have just stepped into.

Why You Should Build a Brand on Social Media

Whatever you do online demands a degree of marketing. English teachers, translators, e-entrepreneurs, and drop shippers all understand that being able to market yourself and the services or products they’re trying to see has a big say in how likely they are to stay online and out of an office. As the simplest and cheapest form, social media remains the place where brands are built.

With a huge outreach and millions of potential clients, social media is very likely to stay the top choice for all those who would like to grow their brand and increase sales and conversion rates. Although email, for example, has a much higher ROI (Return on Investment), the sheer number of people social media exposes you to is more than able to bridge this difference and offer a steady, organic growth for your brand.

How To Build a Brand on Social Media?

In the light of these facts, how to build a brand on social media is the only logical question that imposes itself. In the (online) world of one-minute cakes and life hacks, finding the best advice on how to establish a brand and grow it in an organic way is more difficult than it should be. For this reason, we’ve teamed up with some experts and have come up with eight tips for writers on how to build a personal brand on social media:

  1. Choose Your Target Audience,

  2. Choose Your Story and Stick to It,

  3. Share Behind-the-Stage Moments,

  4. Be Communicative,

  5. Be Consistent,

  6. Use a Variety of Media,

  7. Build for Long Term Benefit, and

  8. Monetize Whatever You Can.

Choose Your Target Audience

Choosing the target audience is the first and the most logical step to take. Knowing who your audience is can help you grow much faster than figuring it out on the go. Run your stats and find out who the ideal customer you would like to address is.

Choose Your Story and Stick to It

Once the target audience is in place, choose your story and stick to it. Storytelling is a very successful way to attract and retain your audience, so choosing an appropriate story for your brand is what you should rely on. A service called Successayst can help you establish great long-form posts for your blog and Facebook. The short form for Instagram and TikTok is much better told as a boiled-down version of the long-form.

Share Behind-the-Stage Moments

Any audience loves seeing behind-the-stage moments. There is something so attractive in seeing how a service is done, or a product is made. Meeting the team, team-building moments,

and small but innocent bloopers are all you need to make your audience stick with you.

Be Communicative

Be communicative and at the disposal of potential clients and the audience. It may seem a cliché at this point, but replying to all the comments and thanking people for their likes and follows is a great thing to do. This gives your page(s) a homely sense and increases your engagement rates.

Be Consistent

Social media loves consistency. Being able to post regularly is sure to bring you a higher rating and more exposure. In turn, this means more engagement, more followers, and a bigger pool for potential conversion.

Use a Variety of Media

Using a variety of media is a common practice used to increase the engagement time and reduce the bounce rate of your social media pages. Pics, videos, reels, text, and quizzes are the different kinds of media you can use to keep the audience happy. Use this variety to your advantage.

Build for Long Term Benefit

Whenever building, make sure to follow short-term trends, but never lose your big-picture in mind. Ensure that your story is always seen and that your brand feel is present in every post you make. This will ensure long-term consistency and help build long-term, meaningful relationships with the audience.

Monetize Whatever You Can

As the key behind any company and brand resides in its ability to turn money and stay on top of its bills, payments, and taxes, consider using social media in a way that can bring you money. YouTube and, recently, Instagram allow you to monetize your pages and charge for bonus content. Make sure to fully utilize these income streams as they can help bring stability to your online venture.

Final Considerations

Being simply present online does not cut it anymore. Whatever kind of service or product you may be offering, being able to tell a good story, especially on social media, is the perfect way to help your business grow. As your brand starts to get noticed, follow our tips to ensure the long-term success of your brand and a good conversion rate.

Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is a professional writer and educational blogger at Grabmypaper. Jessica enjoys sharing her ideas to make writing and learning fun.